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Symposium 2019: Inside the Data Room / A Digitology of the Art Space – conference & website, May 2019 – VISIT HERE. 



The Production of Raum / The Production of Space, a textual introduction and a video essay for Der Fahrender Raum project in Munich, published March 2019 – READ HERE 



The talk at the opening of MixTape exhibition / Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, November 2018 – WATCH HERE

Dispossession by Numbers: 2017/10/70/100, a research paper / Red Thread, Issue 4: Dispossessions, Solidarities, De-integrations, 2017 – READ HERE

Interview with Rastko Močnik: There is No Theory Without the Practice of Confrontation (with Jelena Vesić) / Red Thread, Issue 4: Dispossessions, Solidarities, De-integrations, 2017 – READ HERE

1984: The Adventures of Alternative (with Jelena Vesić) / The Long 1980s – Constellations of Art, Politics, and Identities a Collection of Microhistories, 2018 – READ HERE

Lala’s Reader, written by Lala Raščić: A paradox of writing a monographic text about the artist who speaks (with Jelena Vesić) / Lala Raščić, Lala’s Reader, 2014 – READ HERE

Story on Copy: Jelena Vesić, Lecture Performance / Schloss-Post, May 2017 – READ HERE

Museum – Art – Education: Ways of Doing, Ways of Seeing, Ways of Thinking (with Jelena Vesić) / Performing the Museum: The Reader, December 2016 – READ HERE

On Neutrality” (with Jelena Vesić and Rachel O’Reilly) / Non-aligned modernities, 2016 READ HERE

Under The Sycamore Tree – Curating As Currency: Actions That Say Something, Words That Do Something (with Jelena Vesić)/ MIT Press, 2015READ HERE

Four Acts and a Pair of Socks in Exception – The case of the exhibition of Young Kosovo Artists in Serbia / Red Thread Journal, Issue 1, 2009 – READ HERE

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid! / Latin Art Review, 2013 – READ HERE

Heads On to The Strawberry Bush, exhibition review of No One Belongs Here More Than You, 54. October Salon, 2014 – READ HERE

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